A Scientific Trading Formula Used By Ordinary People To Retire Early



A Scientific Trading Formula Used By Ordinary People To Retire Early

“... a trader who has the same information as others plus the knowledge of this method will have a competitive advantage… On a yearly basis each unit of capital would be compounded into 202% to 259% of the initial investment.”
~ Caginalp & Laurent (University of Pittsburgh),
The Predictive Power of Price Patterns.,
Applied Mathematical Finance, Vol. 5.
(Excerpt from one of the 149+ scientific research studies underpinning the Scientific Trading Formula.)

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Mark Shawzin here.

I wrote this handbook so you can keep it open while you trade.

It contains every single rule I trade by.

No matter what trading scenario you find yourself in, you can simply open up the book to the right page and know exactly what to do next.

The book is short and to the point.

According to Google, you can read it in exactly 56 minutes and 42 seconds.

That’s because I want you to waste as little time as possible consuming more information…

… and as much time as possible APPLYING what you learn to make a killing in the markets.

A little while ago I shamelessly emailed traders who bought the book and asked for testimonials

Here is what they said
Here's a list of things you will learn inside the book:
  • The most reliable trading method to make a full time income in retirement  

    The strategy is so risk-averse you can lose 19 out of 25 trades and still win big. Real example on page 66.
  • The 6 Pillars Of Trading: Analysis, Execution, Management, Close, Market Volatility, Yourself. 

    These pillars are load-bearing. Meaning: if one collapses, the roof caves in.

    MOST traders fail because they miss one or two of the pillars… even if they get everything else right.
  • 5 scientifically tested chart patterns that significantly beat the market - tested in over 35,000 trading scenarios in an epic collaboration by three leading universities…
  • The “mathematical timeline” formula that allows me to contractually guarantee my students’ success with 99.9% certainty (and back it up with $25k of my own money)...
  • The strategy used by Paul Tudor Jones to make $100mm in 24 hours when the Dow Jones crashed on Black Monday in 1987.

    (I was working for Bridgewater & Associates in the World Trade Center at the time… and saw first-hand how much money smart people make when everyone else is panicking…)
  • How I pivot and bank six-figure profit trades when the market goes against me. 
  • Why you should never try and enter a trade based on traditional “chart patterns” (HINT: Trading them in a vacuum leads to colossal losses). 
  • How to read the story in the chart.
  • The only 3 rules you need to remember to win consistently in the markets.
  • Know how long a trend is going to last using the “Expected Price Path”

    (this allows you to quickly spot trend reversals so you can get in early on a multi-week journey of stunning profits.)
  • How to use “coiling bars” for a targeted entry.
  • How to get into position before the market bursts out of a consolidation (HINT: It has nothing to do with trading support and resistant breakouts)
  • Why multiple scientific studies claim it’s nearly impossible to make money from day trading
  • The Double Confirmation Bar: Use this method to make sure you’re on the right side of the market before entering a trade.
  • 8 scientifically tested bar formations that dictate “energy” in the market. (These happen right before price either hurtles upwards or falls down to earth.) There have been 139 follow up research papers on their astonishing predictive capacity.
  • Place your entry 4 points (or pips) BELOW this kind of bar when going short and put your stop loss 20-35 points ABOVE the “unchanged level” …
  • Find out what type of order gives you the best result for long trades. Is it a buy stop, buy limit, or buy at market order?
  • How to avoid the rollercoaster of getting stopped out of a trade just before price turns and heads in the right direction.
  • Make yourself immune to market manipulation: Understand how Wall Street chases your stop loss, and where you should place it.
  • How to use the middle of the previous bar to determine your “exit plan”
  • Exactly how much you should risk on any given trade (depending on what kind of trade it is...)

    Get this right and start compounding wins quickly mathematically guaranteeing you never lose your account.

    (Get this wrong and you’ll blow up your account in record time...)
  • How to scale into monster-sized trades with 2, 3, or even 4 positions WITHOUT risking more than 1% of your trading account…
  • (This is the secret to rapidly building up smaller accounts…)

    The real purpose of your initial Take Profit and why everyone screws this up
  • The “Inside Day Bar” Scaling Method: This is where the high and low are within the range of the previous bar. Use this to move your stop loss, tighten your risk, and then pile into another position
  • The “Energy Coil” Scaling Method: Use these small “breaths” in the market to sell into strength and buy into weakness.
  • Get into trades so big that they’ll eliminate 5, 10, or even 20 losing trades in one fell swoop.
  • The Initial Take Profit Strategy: Discover where you should place your initial targets.
  • The Price Action Take Profit Strategy: When you see these bar formations, you need to exit the trade and book your profits…
  • When to adjust your profit targets for maximum gain.
  • The Target Multiplier Method: This allows you to keep booking profits while the market is trending in a specific direction (this is super important post-pandemic).
  • How to use the news to find markets about to move big in the next 24-48 hours (and why you should never make trading decisions based on news alone…)
  • How to put a protective shield around your trading while banking 3:1 profit trades.
  • Why and when you need to change your trading style depending on market conditions.

    (Every market goes through cycles - some much more profitable than others…)
  • How the Spartans routinely defeated armies that outnumbered them 5 to 1. (And why most traders can’t seem to stop losing even when they are doing everything right…)
  • FEAR & GREED: Every trader grapples with these emotions… and they are the #1 cause of blown-up accounts.

    This is the biggest mindset-shift traders need to make to get consistent & profitable. (It has to do with how you react to fear)
  • How to stop making emotional decisions and self-sabotaging your trades.
  • How to determine exactly how long it will take you to retire in style as a full-time trader
  • And much more…

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(All Proceeds Go To The American Childhood Cancer Organization)

The Book is Divided into 4 Parts:

#1: In the first few chapters, we’ll take a deep look into the reality of trading.
In the first few chapters, we’ll take a deep look into the reality of trading. 

I will show you what it really takes to make a full time living in the markets from trading profits alone, and what stops 99% of traders from really doing it.
#2: Then I will walk you through the 6 Pillars Of Trading.
You will see how they are “irreducibly complex” - if you don’t master all of them, it is impossible to make consistent gains in the markets.
#3: In the next section of the book, we look at how you can dominate the first 4 pillars with a simple layered approach.
Each layer confirms the next, so you can scale into big trades while keeping your risk low.
#4: Finally, we look at what’s required from you to retire from trading. 
Even though everyone is a little different, I will walk you through a realistic journey from where you are right now to retiring with at least $100,000 per year.

We’ll put it all together and go through several step-by-step trade examples in both the stock and Forex markets.

I will show you every single rule I trade by, then I’ll show you examples of these rules applied in real-life scenarios.
You end up with a complete step-by-step picture of how a multi-million dollar trading account is managed on a day to day basis.

It contains everything you need to get consistent and profitable trading stocks, commodities, currencies, or anything with a chart.

Pay What You Want

(All Proceeds Go To The American Childhood Cancer Organization)

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Pay What You Want

(All Proceeds Go To The American Childhood Cancer Organization)

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