An Online Workshop For Traders Who Want To Retire In Their 40s, 50s, and 60s
An Online Workshop For Traders Who Want To Retire In Their 40s, 50s, and 60s

What If All It Takes Is Just 2 Winning Trades Per Month?

Discover The Scientifically-Tested Method A Former Merrill Lynch Trader Used To Secure A 7-Figure Retirement Nest Egg… With Just A Handful Of Trades Per Month

PLUS Trade With Me Live For Four Straight Days As I Execute These Trading Strategies In Front Of Your Eyes

From: Mark Shawzin
Delray Beach, FL
From: Mark Shawzin
Delray Beach, FL
I’m going to be upfront and honest with you.

I’ve been doing this for 40 years. I started out on Wall Street and learned from the best.

My mentor was an investment banker. In the 1970s I saw him turn $500,000 into $5 million (the equivalent of $35 million today if adjusted for inflation!).

I didn’t learn from online “gurus” or get tricked by marketing guys.

I got lucky in that respect. So this stuff is second nature to me.

On the other hand, others been fed one lie after another. I can’t even begin to understand what garbage traders been forced to consume over the years. 

Perhaps you can relate?

They worked all their lives.

They slogged away in a good job, or even had their own business…

And then, they realize that they’re going to need more. Much more.

The dream they were sold in their twenties about “putting your head down and working hard” simply hasn’t produced enough for them to sit back and enjoy an abundant retirement.

When I say abundant, I’m not talking about the $650,000 trades I make every now and then (screenshots below).

No, I mean just having enough to go on holiday when they want, eat out whenever they want, and perhaps buy their grandchildren their
first car.

Enough income so that they don’t have to worry about working throughout your 60s and 70s.

So they start learning how to trade in order to fulfill that simple dream.

And this is where some man tries to sell them their Bitcoin secrets, Forex secrets, or penny stock secrets.

Well, here’s the truth:

There are no true trading “secrets”. There is no hidden super-strategy guarded by the “Wall Street Elite” that will magically conjure up cold hard cash in your trading account 

Here’s how it really works on Wall Street:

  • Someone claims they have a profitable trading strategy. When that happens…
  • Wall Street investors employ a PHD data scientist to pore over the results to confirm they are statistically significant. Then…
  • They hire an entire team of data scientists to see if they can replicate the results. After all that…
  • ​The findings get published in a peer reviewed scientific journal where they get picked up by data scientists around the world and tested in dozens of different markets.
For example, in 1987 I worked for Bridgewater & Associates in The World Trade Center, when Black Monday wiped out the Dow Jones.

Most of Wall Street went into a severe panic attack.

Yet one obscure strategy predicted the top of the stock market with crystal ball-like accuracy.

A guy called Paul Tudor Jones executed it like a sniper taking out its target and floated away with $100 million in just 24 hours.

PBS giddily released a documentary about him. Jones was both furious and terrified when the release date came due. He ended up buying every single copy and stopped them from printing any more film, fearing his secrets would be revealed.

Unfortunately for him, Wall Street is worse than The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills (nothing stays secret for long).

From 1992 to 1996 two data scientists from the University of Pittsburgh (Caginalp and Laurent) tested six “secret” entry methods… two of them would have predicted the top of the 1987 Black Monday crash.

They submitted their results to the Applied Mathematical Finance journal. For two painstaking years, data scientists pored over their results.

Finally their earth shattering findings were accepted, approved, and published in 1998.

The contents of this study were explosive. They reluctantly proved that it is possible to pull huge chunks of money out of the markets with a simple 3-bar formation that has a tendency to accurately predict when a market is about to reverse. Based on nothing but price.

No indicators, no analysts, no big news events, no underlying earnings reports, no industry growth numbers… just the formation of a few price bars.

In their paper they state, “...a trader who has the same information as others plus the knowledge of this method will have a competitive advantage… On a yearly basis each unit of capital would be compounded into 202% to 259% of the initial investment.

If you had invested $5,000, you would end up with $15,100 after one year, $45,602 after two years, and $137,718.04 after just 36 short months!

Here’s why this matters to you today in 2021 (over two decades later):

This scientific paper led to an orgy of research into this stupidly simple trading strategy.

Naturally, people were skeptical.

“But what about other markets? And other market conditions?”

The stampede to disprove this strategy started with two other math geniuses (Yung-Ming Shiu and Tsung-Hsun Lu) who tested it in the Taiwan stock market from 1998 to 2007.

They not only agreed with the results of our boys from Pittsburgh University, they actually compared a boatload of other strategies. Their conclusion?

“[...]This strategy is more frequent and most trustworthy according to our results.”

One by one, more studies came out. They are STILL testing it every few years. There have been 150 follow up research papers since Caginalp and Laurent published that first one.

Here are more recent examples.

In 2018 the International Journal of Economics and Business Research, published a scientific paper by Chin et al, testing this method in the Malaysian Stock Market.

Later that same year, the Journal of Insurance and Financial Management published a peer reviewed paper that proved it worked in the Vietnamese Stock Market.

Two other researchers from India, Prasad and Murugaiah, tested it in the Indian Stock Market and published their results in an investment journal called Wealth.

There have been four new studies hot-off-the-press in 2021 alone.

That’s true evidence.

This weird and wonderful strategy turned from hot gossip into a bankable scientific fact.

Don’t you think your retirement should rely on something like this, rather than some obscure trading method discovered by kids on Reddit?

Here’s What I Expect When Using a Layered Scientific Trading Strategy During Retirement: 

#1. Keep my losing trades small and
winning trades big

I want my winning trades to be so big that my losers can’t possibly keep up. This can only happen when a strategy tells you what your risk is every single time, with zero guesswork.

It requires discipline to keep your risk low, but having that feature built in helps me to protect my account.

It also means…

#2. Just 1-2 winning trades per month
can pay me handsomely

I need to be able to relax. I like knowing that I don’t need to do that much to make money every month.

The stress of ‘needing’ 20 winning trades just to survive will kill you.

#3. It needs to be very quick and simple
to execute

I can’t stand indicators, like MACD, or moving averages, or “Average True Range”. They give me a headache.

Instead, I want something that’s clean to look at, easy to understand, and even easier to execute.


The Scientific Trading Formula Workshop

How To Use A Layered Scientifically Tested Trading Method To Pick Explosive Trades In Just 10 Minutes Per Day

Here’s A Look At The Strategy You’ll Discover During This Video Course

Here’s the best way I’ve found to understand it:

Think of the trade selection process as a “gauntlet” - a harrowing Trial By Fire challenge that only the most profitable trades can survive.

I have broken down this workshop into a series of “checkpoints”.

CHECKPOINT #1: Trade The Market With “Explosive Energy

I sift through hundreds of markets to find ones with “built in EXPLOSIVE energy”. You don’t just want a market to hobble upwards, struggling with every breath, to get to the top. You want it to shoot out like a cannonball.

And if you’re going short, you want the floor ripped out from underneath it as it hurtles toward oblivion.

Here’s how it works: Before a godzilla-like move in price, you need a build up of “energy”. The more people who are looking at a currency/stock/or metal, and interested in a particular direction, the more pent-up energy the market has.

What it means is this: If you can spot this build up of energy, you can buy a cheap ticket to board the profit-train before it shoots off like a bullet.

There are exactly 8 chart patterns that have been scientifically tested and accepted into the literature that help you to spot these pockets of energy.

However, this will only tell you where the market is most likely to go in the next few days…

I want you to execute trades that will continue to produce profits for weeks and sometimes months.

Which is why the next step is…
CHECKPOINT #2: Pick The Most Likely Direction For The Next 100 Days

If there is a “secret sauce” to this recipe then this would probably be it.

You’ll be able to get in early, generate some cash in the initial “explosive” move (as described above), and then hitch a ride on a multi-week journey of stunning profits.

There was a collaboration of epic proportions between three universities (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of Iowa, & Creighton University).

They looked at four chart patterns, decades of market data, and painstakingly waded through one trading scenario after another.

Every time one of these patterns occurred, they would plot the exact path that price took afterwards.

They repeated this process 35,000 times!

...And layered every single one of those scenarios on top of each other.

It turns out that markets follow a predictable path once these patterns occur. A path that you can use to rapidly top up your investment account with found money. It’s kind of like following a map that leads you to a small handful of profitable trades every month.

However, this gauntlet is strict. Once those first two checkpoints have been satisfied I need...
CHECKPOINT #3: Let The Market “Confirm” Your Entry

After all the analysis… after the scientific “coil” of energy AND the scientifically tested long term governing pattern you don’t just pile in mindlessly.

Instead, you set up a pending order outside of the chaos. Waiting patiently for the market to knock you into the trade.

There is no need to stare at the charts, agonising over whether a trade is “correct” or not. No need to second guess yourself or worry that you did something wrong.

However, even with everything inside of this layered approach, you still won’t win every trade. Far from it.

You’d be forgiven if you thought this strategy offers you a surefire win every single time. So...

Here’s How Often It Wins

This is the damning admission. The one thing I’m not supposed to say. However, I refuse to sucker you into this fantasyland created by internet marketers who claim they have a foolproof system.

Here it is. This strategy is a 50/50 coin toss.

Heads you lose, and tails you win.

However, when it wins... it wins BIG. One winning trade can wipe out 3, 4, or even 10 losing trades.

The strategy doesn’t improve the odds of you being right… it improves the odds of hitting a massive, “out-of-the-park” winning trade.

You cannot believe the catastrophic financial punishment handed out to rookie traders who don’t understand this concept.

If you follow my instructions to the letter you can only ever lose less than 1% of your account on a given trade… yet stuff your pockets with ten times as much cash when you win.

Which is just one reason why you only need 2 winning trades each month.

The Video Course Is Broken Up Into
3 Easy Modules

Module 1: The Science That Underpins Trading

Lesson #1 - Trading Based On Scientific Principles [9 mins]

  • There are exactly two timeframes that yield positive results for ‘at home traders’ who are looking to retire.
  • There is a ‘known profitable range’ that tells you exactly how long to stay in trades for.
  • How to assess practicality: Most strategies work in theory but fail in practice.
  • Discover exactly what we mean by “life changing returns” (You’ll see how some students make $8,000 per profitable trade).

Lesson #2: From Wall Street Hero to Zero (what brought me
here) [7 mins]

  • How my mentor turned $500,000 into $5 million in 12 months. 
  • Found out how I started working on Wall Street and what happened during my 23 year career.
  • How I got banned from Wall Street following an investigation started by the SEC (HINT: I was innocent, but it took 9 years to sort out someone else’s mess).
  • Why I went out on my own and how I deployed the strategies I learned to secure an income for life.

Lesson #3: The Battle For Profitable Trading Strategies [17 mins]

  • How a research battle of epic proportions was fought to uncover a method using past prices to predict the future.
  • The four cardinal sins that exposed several shady tactics from researchers. This eliminated a lot of no-good trading strategies. 

Lesson #4: Surrender To The Market [4 mins]

  • Why the market “is always right” and how to use it to pick winning trades.
  • The reason why you see certain patterns recurring in the markets time and time again. I am genuinely shocked at how few people talk about this.

Module 2: The Scientific Trading Method

Lesson #1 - Trading With “Naked Charts” [2 mins]

  • How to use the high, low, open, and close, without any messy indicators. This helps to avoid the dire consequences of
  • The difference between Bar Charts and Candlestick Charts:
    Find out which one I prefer and why.

Lesson #2 - How To Scientifically Pick The Direction Of The Market For Next 100 Days [12 mins]

  • What is the first thing you must do when you open up a trading
    chart? There are five possible scenarios.
  • Discover all the scientifically tested “Governing Patterns” that
    will dictate the price action for months at a time.

Lesson #3 - Pattern “Stacking” [3 mins]

  • How to stack one pattern on top of another to massively
    increase your odds of hitting a big winning trade.
  • How this made me $621,773 in a series of trades in USDJPY.
    It’s a short example, but I recommend taking thorough notes
    on how it happened.

Lesson #4 - How To Spot “Energy” In The Market With Insurance Bars [10 mins]

  • “The Beach Ball Effect”: How to use this step to assess the
    momentum of a trade.
  • Use these small little bars to “point” you in the direction the
    market wants to go.
  • ​The Rapid-Entry-Cheat-Sheet: Simply pull up this flashcard every time you want to enter a trade. It’ll tell you exactly where to get in.
  • ​Four other scientifically tested entry methods you can keep in your back pocket. When you see these 3 bar formations, you know there is a good chance the market is about to drop like a stone.

Lesson #5 - How To Let The Market Confirm Your Entry [5 mins]

  • Discover where to place your entry and your stop loss.
  • Test your trades by letting the market confirm whether or not
    your analysis is correct. No more guesswork.
  • ​A quick flashcard of the entire layered approach so that you
    can easily remember it.

Lesson #6 - Trade Examples [9 mins]

  • How these two overlapping patterns signalled an immediate
    sell order on USDJPY. Find out what happened to this trade
    and why I moved the stop loss and take profit.
  • How a simple price gapped informed my decision to go long
    on GBPAUD which resulted in a 421 pip gain.
  • The simple genius behind this 134 pip gain.
  • How do losing trades compare to winning trades? (HINT: The
    average losing trade is 7 times smaller.)

Module 3: Risk Management

Lesson #1 - Make it mathematically impossible to lose your trading account [4 mins]

  • How to consistently make your losing trades smaller and smaller while increasing the size of your winning trades.
  • Exactly what to do if you slip up and incur a big loss.
  • Don’t do this one thing that virtually guarantees you will fail and give up trading entirely.

Lesson #2 - Position size in Forex [4 mins]

  • How many winners and losers to expect from a typical month of trading.
  • The simple online calculator that’ll tell you exactly how big your trades should be.

Lesson #3 - Position size with Spread Betting [3 mins]

  • See an over the shoulder example of risking 0.5% of your account on a spread betting trade.
  • How a simple calculator on your phone is all you need to protect your income for life.

Lesson #4 - Position size with Stocks. [2 minutes]

  • Once you’ve gone through the video course, and you’ve taken some trades on your own, it is time to...

Join Me Live For Four Straight Days On Zoom So That We Can Take Trades Together

(November 8th-11th, 2021)
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

This is perfect for you if you finally want to experience something that’s impossible to fake, imitate, or manipulate.

Look, this 4-day event is live. It isn’t a newsletter. It isn’t someone’s “written opinion.” This is me executing trades with my own money right in front of your face. I’m the guy in the trenches risking his son’s inheritance.

The easiest way to tell if someone is 100% genuine of what he’s saying is to ask him to put money on it - and to do it in front of a live audience.

Here’s how it works:

At 4:30pm EST from Monday to Thursday we’ll spend 1-2 hours together.

Why 4.30 pm EST?

The timeframes, the holding times, when to enter, when to exit, and everything else is based on the scientific evidence. According to researchers Gutierrez & Kelley, and Friesen et al., the end of the day (New York) yields the biggest results over the long run.

To this day, in 2021, all the big mutual funds, hedge funds, and pension funds execute their trades around this time.

PLUS: You’ll Also Get These 3 Bonuses at NO COST When You Get Access to The Scientific Trading Formula Workshop

Bonus #1

The Scientific Trading Formula Task Sheet

You’ll get the entire course stripped down and distilled into a rapid fire checklist. Every time you pull up to your computer to trade, you simply open this checklist and go through each task.

I personally believe this is the fastest and easiest method I know of to execute a scientifically tested trading method.

Bonus #2

21 Forex Power Strategies

Get your hands on a quick reference guide to 21 different combinations of entries in The Forex Markets. All of these were derived from real trades that I took on my own account.

If you trade the Forex markets then this quick flashcard system is a must have.

Bonus #3

How To Profit From The Markets By Trading Just Once Per Week

Ever wanted to trade just 15-30 minutes per week?

This in-depth 84 minute training will show you exactly how to use the principles on the course to trade just once per week, yet still come out with profits at the end of every year.

This is perfect for you if you want a more laid back, lower risk approach.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll discover:
  • The exact setup you need to look for to see a weekly reversal in price.
  • ​The “Core Trajectory Method” that tells you where price will be going for the next 2 years.
  • ​How to use “5-Day Key Reversals” to pick your entry and why you absolutely cannot trade them in a vacuum.
  • ​And much… much more.

“I Challenge You To Try & Lose Money Using This Strategy”

Here’s My Double Money-Back Guarantee

Guarantee #1: You have 365 days to request a refund for any reason (or no reason at all). Seriously, if you get this package and don’t like the font on the thank you page, you can request a swift and immediate refund.

We actually don’t even ask why you want it. My support team has been instructed to process it without question.

Double Your Money Back (Guarantee #2): I challenge you to try and lose money using this strategy.

Go through the course, attend the live event or the replays, and take ten trades on a demo account. If you lose more money than you’ve won (even fake money!) then I will send you double your money back. That’s $54.

Get The Scientific Trading Formula
Workshop + Trade With Me Live For
Four Days + All The Bonuses

And Discover Just Two Winning Trades Per Month
Can Make All The Difference

Use This Strategy In The Forex
& Stock Markets

Use this strategy in both the Forex and Stock markets.

Here are some of the trades I’ve taken in 2021.

WARNING: My results are not typical. I am a veteran trader with decades of experience. Not a single trader in my program has achieved the kinds of results I have achieved. Some of them make about ten times less than I make. 

Nevertheless, here are some examples.

Lyft the ride hailing company: 
#2. QQQs NASDAQ: Where I made $169,668.07 going short. Here are what my open positions looked like from Tuesday to Thursday:

TUESDAY - March 2nd
WEDNESDAY - March 3rd
THURSDAY - March 4th
#3. QuantumScape an electric car battery maker: Where I quickly banked $309,587.64.
#4. Beyond Meat: Ticker symbol BYND, the plant based food company: Where I gorged on profits worth $477,099.33 in less than two weeks.
And that doesn’t even include my second soaring broker account where this strategy gifted me another $392,500.00. Bringing my total profits on this single trade to $869,599.33.
And then there were these Forex trades:

If You’re Such a Hotshot Trader Why Are You Selling a Course?

I honestly thought that trading in front of a live audience, and having hundreds of reviews and testimonials would get rid of this question.

However, it is still one that keeps popping up time and time again.
And it is only fair that I answer right now and up front.

Short answer: I enjoy it.

Years ago my friend Peter begged me to start teaching people how to trade.

At first, I resisted. However he told me that he’d do all the work, hire the entire team, and all I had to do was trade.

I wouldn’t need to lift a finger! So I tried it out.

And to my surprise, I loved it…

Here's Why I Do This:

I can’t tell you what an ego boost it is to help thousands of people achieve things they thought were impossible.

I’m about to show you some comments, emails, and screenshots from traders who I have taught.

HOWEVER, they have discipline, work hard, and follow my instructions. Therefore, their results may not be typical of your average trader.

For example, read this thread on Facebook:
However, by far my favorite is when people email me screenshots of their accounts so I can see how well they have done.
Like Ting, who sent me the following email:
And attached his trading account:
Or Clyde, who is a carpenter from Australia who posted this on Facebook:
Or Andy, who sent me the following email and attached his trades:
Here are a few more of my favorites.

If you want, you can read the 500+ online reviews we’ve received since 2015:


Get The Scientific Trading Formula
Workshop + Trade With Me Live For
Four Days + All The Bonuses

And Discover Just Two Winning Trades Per Month
Can Make All The Difference

P.S. For those of you who don’t want to read this really long page here is a quick recap of everything you’ll get:

  • A quick to consume 3-module trading course called The Scientific Trading Formula that’ll allow you to use a rigorously tested method to gain a small handful of winning trades every month.
  • ​A live 4-day trading marathon on Zoom from 4:30pm EST (Mon-Thursday) so that we can take trades together. You will also have the opportunity to ask me anything. If you can’t make that time you’ll be sent recordings that you get to keep forever.
  • Bonus #1: The Scientific Trading Formula Task Sheet that strips the entire course down into a series of simple tasks and subtasks for your to follow when you want to execute trades.
  • Bonus #2: 21 Forex Power Strategies that’ll act like “Flashcard for the Forex markets”. Whenever you see one of the layered setups you can quickly spot them before they disappear.
  • ​Bonus #3: How To Profit From The Markets By Trading Just Once Per Week. This 84 minute workshop is perfect for you if you want a more relaxed way to execute this trading method in just 15-30mins per week.
  • ​Your entire purchase is protected by my Double Money-Back Guarantee. You have the option of getting 100% of your money back for any reason, and 200% back if you take ten trades and lose.

A little information about your instructor, Mark Shawzin

Mark is in his 60s and trades for a living. He started his trading career when he was at University and learned from an investment banker. In 1980 he got his first job on Wall Street at the firm Merrill Lynch.

He spent the next 23 years working for 8 Wall Street firms. In 1991 the SEC opened an insider trading investigation into Mark’s brother, Greg. They decided to start investigating Mark as well, and he ended up being dragged through the courts for 9 years. His innocence didn’t matter. He spent the small fortune he had built up to defend his name, but once the Wall Street Journal wrote an article about it he found it impossible to get a job.

By 2002 he was almost flat broke and had a son on the way. His only choice was to trade for himself.

For 13 years he only ever traded his own account and lived off his profits. In 2015 his friend Peter begged him to start teaching others. He promised Mark that he wouldn’t have to lift a finger. He would simply have to turn up and trade. Mark agreed and The Pattern Trader was born.

Since then he’s taught thousands of students and given a lot of the profits from the business away to his favorite charity, The American Childhood Cancer Organization.
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