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The Pattern Trader Accelerator
No theory, no equations – just simple follow-along instructions 
that will show you exactly what to do.
$1200/Per Year
In The Pattern Trader Accelerator Here's What You'll Get:
  • Every Sunday, you’ll receive an email & video with detailed instructions of EXACTLY what to do – I’ll share the exact trade that you should copy, I’ll show you how to enter at precisely the right time and how to schedule your exit for maximum profit.You just have to COPY what I do.
  • You follow my instructions, which you can do within just 15 minutes from the comfort of your computer – which will all be scheduled to take specific actions at precisely the right time.
  • Your trades will then work in the background, they’ll be scheduled to enter and exit to maximise profits – you don’t even have to monitor them or stare at complicated graphs.
1200 Per Year
100 Per Month
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